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vernzaborowski's Journal

Community for Vern Zaborowski
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This is a community for Vern Zaborowski, the kick-ass bassist of CKY.


1) No drama. Simple as that. If you have a problem with the people in here, simply don't join if it bothers you that much, or just ignore it, and read what you want to read.

2) Don't join if you don't like Vern / CKY and all you're going to do is be negative about things. (Sort of the same as #1)

3) Try to keep the language and it's "innapropriateness" to a minimum, because remember, there are others that read this.

The rules are pretty simple. Don't like them, don't come in here.


Some basic Vern info ..

Real Name: Vernon J. Zaborowski

Birthday: 7/31/76

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Favorite Music: Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, James Brown, King Crimson, Don Caballero, Radiohead, Fantomas, Naked City, Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Lustre King, Sunny Day Real Estate, Miles Davis, New Kids On The Block, Shellac and Buckethead

Favorite Movies: Cannibal: The Musical, Deathrace 2000, Blue Velvet, Orgasmo, River's Edge, Gummo, Buffalo 66, Meet The Deedles, South Park

Favorite CKY Song: Flesh Into Gear and Human Drive in Hi-Fi


Community created by Bingo.

And assisted by Kay.


Any questions, ideas, concerns, etc. either comment, post, or email.

Bingo - rancidgcpunk@hotmail.com
Kay - crzylilk123@aol.com