Raven (Ivy) (_ivy) wrote in vernzaborowski,
Raven (Ivy)

Attention Members (and even non-members)

Hey, as many of us know, Vern is no longer a part of cKy. This means we may not get much news about him, and even though this community is slow as fuck already, there ARE occassional posts...I fear that the occassional posts will become EVEN MORE RARE.

So this leads me to believe that, just as Vern does not belong with cKy, the community does not belong with livejournal. I am going to definitely delete the community. I've been putting it off because I really thought the community might be successful...more people are listening to cKy, therefore, more people are joining cKy communities and such. I guess my ray of hope has faded now, though, now that it's well-known that Vern's no longer "cKy quality," so to speak.

I will wait a week or two, just so people can say good byes, or try to protest, or bitch me out...whatever, get it done and over with now. I'm ready for anything.

Thanks for joining, everyone. Sorry I made this decision and I'm sticking to it. I know this community wasn't enjoyable, but it was amusing to laugh at it's patheticness! So long, everyone...
(formerly bluuthunder )
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