Rosie (iwantananswer) wrote in vernzaborowski,


I am from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Last night, CKY just played a show there. When they walked out on stage there was only 3 people. Deron on guitar, jess on drums, and chad on bass. Chad asked, "Does anyone see anyone missing?" and the crowd was like "Where's Vern?" Chad says "We fired his ass, like 2 days ago. Fuck 'em." After the show there was about 20 people talking to chad, and when asked why they fired Vern, he said "cuz he was shady" later he had an explination, but he was talking really soft, and the people behind me where being really loud so i didn't hear him. I had to leave before jess and deron came out so i never found out why. The show just wasn't the same with out Vernon.
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